What Does ‘Lone Worker’ and ‘Man Down’ Mean?

Ever heard the terms ‘Lone Worker’ or ‘Man Down’ with regards to two way radios? Are you still trying to figure out what they mean?

Basically, these are two functions that can be activated (programmed) on certain radio models, such as the Vertex Standard VX450 Series.

Lone Worker

Let’s say, for example, that you have security personnel performing ground checks a few times a night. Let’s also say that they don’t perform these security checks as teams, but that they’re responsible for handling them on their own. What if one of them walked into a seriously dangerous situation? How will they be able to let you know that they need help without alerting the intruders?

Switching a Vertex VX450 portable onto Lone Worker mode means that it will have a built-in timer that will require the user to reset it at a predetermined interval, and if not reset, the radio will automatically switch to Emergency mode to alert the rest of your network users that he/she needs help.

Man Down

For this explanation, let’s assume that you are part of a team of firefighters. The nature of your job would mean that, whenever you are working at a scene of a fire and one of your team mates stop moving, it is extremely likely that something is seriously wrong with him/her.

The Man Down programmable functionality on the VX450 portables means you can set it up so that the radio will monitor a worker’s degree of motion by adjusting the settings of its 3-axis sensor. The moment any of you stand still for more than a predetermined period of time, the radio will send an Emergency Alert to the rest of the team.

Apex Radio also wrote an informative piece about these functions – you can read it here.

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