Two Way Radio Rental Options


The most common two way radio rental contract we offer, is the 12-month minimum contract. This contract allows you to continue renting the radios from us on a month-to-month basis after the initial twelve month period has expired, and payments are collected via debit order every month, but we can personalise the rental terms it to suit you.

Obviously, the sky’s the limit, but there are four basic rental contracts we offer:

Hire Purchase
Under the terms of these type of contracts, we can discuss & agree to a fixed rental period, during which you will basically pay off your hardware purchase. In other words the radio(s) will belong to you after the fixed rental period (lease period) has expired.
In addition to this “down payment” option, you can also add airtime rental to the bundle if you do not have a frequency of your own.

Radio + Airtime
If, however, you do not wish to purchase the hardware or your own frequency from ICASA, we can discuss and devise a plan by which you can rent both the hardware & the airtime from us.

Radio Only
If you do not wish to purchase the hardware, but you do hold a current valid Spectrum frequency license from ICASA, we can help you out any time. We will just require a copy of your frequency license upon signing of the contract. This will be placed on your file, and you may be requested to send a renewed copy each year for as long as you use our rental radios.

Airtime Only
The other option you could consider, is to settle the hardware purchase once-off, and then just rent our frequency if you do not have your own.



We know that many people in the Events Management sector, often need better communication than cell phones, but only for a short period of time (once-off, or annually). If this is the case, we are still happy to assist. Usually, it is best to contact us ahead of time (a few working days would suffice) to allow enough time to determine the perfect radio + airtime to match your delivery/collection requirements, your event’s location, as well as the surrounding area & all possible communication barriers such as buildings, long distances, etc.

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