What is the Range on a Two-Way Radio?

This is probably the most frequent (if not the first) question posed to members of the two way radio community. We wish we could give you a clear-cut, rule-of-thumb type of answer so that you can apply it to every communication scenario, but due to the way two way radio frequencies work, there are simply too many factors at play.

What we can do for you, in today’s blog post, is to give you a rundown on the most important facts to consider when trying to pinpoint which two way radio solution will work best in your environment / set up.

  • A fair distance expected from a standard VHF/UHF commercial two way radio, is about 1 – 2 km.
  • The ideal (optimal) area would most probably be one with perfect line of sight, in other words, an area in which there are no peaks / buildings / structures obstructing the view between two users.
  • Contrary to a common misconception, the range of analog and digital radios are the same. The only difference is that analog radios’ audio quality will continue to decrease gradually the farther away one user get from another, whereas the digital radios’ sound will remain just as crisp and clear until range is eventually lost (it will cut out as soon as range is lost).

You can, of course, purchase additional equipment to extend your reach. Renting or purchasing a repeater, with its own duplexer and antenna mast (usually a dipole antenna on top of a aluminium pole), used to be your only two options; but thanks to Vertex Standard, if you have a digital network, you can now also link your sites/users via an internet line and their new EVX-Link system.

EVX-Link Example 1EVX-Link Example 2EVX-Link Example 3

However, in conclusion, if you need a communication solution, and you’re not sure whether a two way radio could seal the deal, give our Sales Team a call on 0861 326 6774, or send us a message with your contact info via sales@digitalradiosolutions.co.za and we’ll call you.


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