The Role of Radios in Rail Networks

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“Radio communication plays a critical role in ensuring the safe and successful management of rail networks. With trains often passing through several regions, it is important that they can regularly communicate with the different control centres for each area. Without this contact, the control centres are unable to oversee train movements, and operations and safety would therefore be in jeopardy.” (Simoco on Twitter, 11 Jan 2016)

Those affected by the devastating train collission in Italy earlier this month, must still be reeling from the after shock. Such a tragedy could surely have been avoided?

From what we understand, the investigation is still under way, but what stumps us is the fact that – unlike Transnet – they still rely on an outdated method of signalling: “The line has no hi-tech signalling, so stationmasters have to notify each other by telephone if a train is on its way.” (The Guardian, 14 July 2016)

Hopefully it won’t take long for them to pinpoint what exactly went wrong so that disasters like this can be prevented.


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