Two Way Radio Repair

All radios can be sent to our Workshop for repair @ 9 Villa Valencia Office Park, Anemoon Street, Glen Marais, Kempton Park, 1619. Please avoid sending it to our postal address as delays have been experienced through the postal service. It is also required that you include detailed contact information, as well as the fault(s) experienced with your two way radio.
Of course! No problem at all. Please just indicate 'Quote First' on your cover letter/delivery note included with the item(s) you send in for repair.
Contact us to arrange for a loan/rental radio immediately. Once the necessary arrangements have been made, you can send in your faulty radio(s) for check & repair.

Two Way Radio Sales

Simply use the 'Request Quote' button at the top of this page. Alternatively you can call/email us for a Quote as well.
If you are a first time two way radio buyer, it is strongly recommended that you contact us first. There are various options available that we can evaluate in terms of your exact two way communications needs. We will discuss your location, the size of your network, specialised requirements, etc.
ICASA requires a person/organisation to have one of the following in order to legally purchase a licensed two way radio: a) If you are planning to use the radio yourself, you should own a current valid ICASA Spectrum Frequency license. Alternatively, you can also enter into a two way radio rental agreement with us*. b) To buy & resell two way radios, you need to hold a current valid ICASA radio dealer certificate/license. *Refer to our Radio Rental FAQ's.

Two Way Radio Rentals – Long Term

The most common two way radio rental contract we offer, is the 12-month minimum period. This arrangement would mean that, after the initial twelve months, you can continue on a month-to month basis for as long as you want; and that the monthly payments are collected via debit order, but we can personalise it to suit you.
Obviously, the sky's the limit, but here are the four basic types: (a) Hire Purchase, by which we will agree to a fixed term rental period, whereafter the radio(s) will belong to you; (b) Radio + Airtime, if you do not wish to purchase the hardware, nor hold your own frequency; (c) Radio Only, if you do not wish to purchase the hardware, but you do hold a current valid Spectrum frequency license from ICASA; and (d) Airtime Only, if you'd prefer to settle the hardware purchase once-off, but do not have your own frequency.
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Two Way Radio Rentals – Short Term

Then you are more than welcome to contact us as well. We are more than willing to see what we can do to help you manage/secure your event. Just contact us ahead of time (a few working days would suffice). That way we can get the radios ready for you based on your delivery/collection requirements, location, as well as the event's surroundings & layout.
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